Dr. Atef, Dallas: My Mission as a Doctor

Dr. Atef, Dallas. I can help you know your body better, and understand your medical issues, and together make a plan to how to manage your medical condition. I believe a doctor should feel more reprehensibility than just giving medication prescription. As a doctor I believe I should do my best to understand your medical condition and share it with you and your significant people as you wish and explore different ways to help you in your fight. I believe in these principles and I respect any of my colleagues who take this route as well. Medical conditions are having their roots in our genes and our environment which is made by our habits, our limits, and our habitats. Medication is another add up element to our habitat. Doctor should be able to help you to have better insight about yourself, you habits and your habitat. Doctor can understand you better through a thorough targeted discussion, examination and evaluation. Doctor should have you in mind as a center of this activity during this process and consider all the benefits and possible harms which may be associated with this endeavor. I can help you in conditions and diseases which come under category of adult medicine including kidney diseases. I practice in Dallas.

Ask Dr. Atef about Creatinine

I was told my serum creatinine level was high. What does that mean and why should I see a kidney doctor about it? First of all “serum creatinine” is a blood test. In order to this test a sample of blood is drawn from a vein. This test is mostly done in the labs (not in the office). The test for serum creatinine measures a compound which is called creatinine. Creatinine is a byproduct of energy metabolism expenditure by muscles. The more muscle a person has the more creatinine will gets released to the blood and this is why his or her serum creatinine will be on the higher end of normal. But more than muscle mass serum creatinine is determined by the filtering function of kidneys. We use this test (serum creatinine) not as indicator of muscle mass but as an indicator of kidney function.

How these two (serum creatinine and kidney function) relate? As you know as blood passes through kidneys some of chemicals in blood gets filtered out into urine. One of these chemicals is creatinine. If kidney function deteriorates (such as in kidney disease) the filtration function of kidneys deteriorates as well. In this case creatinine does not get filtered in urine in normal amount and its concentration in blood increases.

If you look at the blood test you will see this test written and reported as: “Cr”, “Creat” or “Creatinine”.

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