About Dr. Atef

Because every patient’s life and welfare becomes a doctor’s first priority and responsibility, Dr. Alireza Atef-Zafarmand (Dr. Atef) has always strived to deliver the best medical service to all. A graduate of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1991, had several years of further training in internal medicine and kidney diseases in both Dubai, United Arab Emirates and at Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) and University of Texas Southwestern (Dallas, Texas) in the United States of America. Since 2007 Dr. Atef has served thousands of patients in Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Dallas, North Dallas and the Plano area.

Despite the fact that he has always had a great sense of humor that bubbles over for his patients’ benefit, Dr. Atef has always taken his duties and responsibilities as a medical practitioner seriously. Dr. Atef never finds it a bother to first take care of his patient’s emotional and mental comfort before going into the actual medical process. Doing so enables patients to participate more actively in the medical intervention that Dr. Atef prescribes, and this thereby facilitates better care. In order to deliver the best medical care possible, Dr. Atef always sees to it that every patient follows their treatment plan and optimizes the medical procedures available to them. He makes every patient feel that their active participation is always an active component of the medical approach that they adopt together and that it is only through informed choices that they can get better.

Whether he’s seeing patients at his clinic or monitoring patients in the critical intensive care unit, Dr. Atef can be depended up on to delivery the finest medical care to his patients. Time and again, he has delivered outstanding results for his patients with long-term success.

Dr. Atef maintains the tradition of excellence his alma mater is known for, burning bright for everyone to see. Strict compliance to medical ethics is a top priority. Dr. Atef always respects the sacredness of his duty to protect and serve the best interests of his patients.

Dr. Atef has demonstrated his remarkable expertise in nephrology (diseases of kidney) by producing published works under his name. Dr. Atef has been asked to review some articles for American Journal of Kidney Disease in the field of disaster nephrology. In addition, he also co-wrote Chapter 61 (Planning of Dialysis for Disaster) of the widely-used textbook Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis (4th Edition, 1996). He has also been credited for producing compelling and expert content in various journals and developing guidelines for medical treatment in a wide variety of settings. Exhibiting thoughtful leadership, Dr. Atef has been an invited speaker at various professional gatherings including the VA Symposium in Dallas, Texas in November 2010, where he spoke on Skin and Wound in Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease and the Iranian Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas in 2009, where he was tasked to speak on Edema.

Publications, Research and Methodologies

  • Cardiovascular complications of cancer therapy: diagnosis, pathogenesis, and management (Link)
  • Acute renal failure in earthquake victims in Iran: epidemiology and management (Link)
  • Suggested guidelines for treatment of acute renal failure in earthquake victims (Link
  • De novo minimal change disease associated with reversible post-transplant nephrotic syndrome, a report of five cases and review of literature (Link)
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  • Alireza Atef Zafarmand: Nephrology and Disasters August 26, 2000 Published on-line (Link)
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  • Therapeutic Guidelines for Hemodialysis Patients, a pamphlet distributed at the Dialysis Center in Abadan, Iran in 1994
  • The Criterion for Choosing the Best Hemodialysis Dialyzer for Iran, a monograph written for the Iranian National Kidney Foundation in 1991